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Webmaster, Author, Lector, Translator
Ren currently lives in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He has been interested in language, literature and communication ever since his school days. Therefore he studied English and German studies and got his master’s degree in 2017. In summer 2018 he founded and, because he is a passionate cosplayer since 2012 and wants to share honest opinions about cosplay products as well as great cosplay deals with the whole cosplay community. Ren really enjoys writing about cosplay products and thus help people with their buying decision.
Author, Designer, Translator
Azuna is a high school student, who currently lives in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. She is a cosplayer since 2015. Her fascination for cosplay grew after she went to her first convention. All the work, passion and creativity were overwhelming and thus she started to see cosplay in a whole different light. Azuna puts a lot of effort into her costumes and appreciates everyone who does that too. She co-founded and because she really loves to talk about her hobby and wants to share her thoughts with the cosplay community.
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